• Assassination of Julius Caesar 1793–96  (Vincenzo Camuccini, MetMuseum.org)

    The Rubicon War

    The Rubicon once was crossed to establish a tyranny. This time, it's being crossed to stop one.


  • Chapters of The Rubicon War

    Ista quidem vis est!

    October 29, 2020 · chapters
    Have you ever wondered how the Rebel Alliance got their hands on hardware to fight the Empire? Me too. My guess is that those Star Wars guys stole their X-wings when the fecal material hit the breeze maker in their galaxy far, far away. If that's what happened, can you blame them? Shouldn’t...
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    Vincit qui se vincit

    Don Kilmer

    Don Kilmer’s non-fiction writing has been limited to legal briefs and essays. Any fiction in those endeavors was unintentional. As an attorney-at-law his federal practice concentrates on the founders’ interpretation of the Second Amendment.


    He has successfully litigated significant civil rights cases in the federal court system on the First Amendment Freedom of Speech and Association, Fourth Amendment violations by government actors, Fifth Amendment protections, and Eighth Amendment principles.


    He also represents persons accused of weapons crimes in federal and state courts. He advises and represents businesses in the firearms industry and assists those businesses with regulatory hearings and compliance with federal firearm regulations.


    The purposefully speculative prose presented on this website are Don Kilmer’s first forays in writing for entertainment.


    Sam Whittemore

    Sam Whittemore was born in Charlestown, Mass. He is an Army and Navy combat veteran who has served in state government in Massachusetts. He has been active in state politics as an advocate for lower taxes, less regulation, and greater freedom. He worked as an assessor and as a selectman. He is married to Elizabeth. They live in Arlington, Mass. with their children near the historic Battle Road Trail to Concord. His favorite horse is named Nero.


    He has experience with unconventional warfare and working with resistance movements and insurgencies to disrupt an occupying power. He has studied how insurgencies can successfully create a denied area and challenge a foreign government's political control of a region.


    He was injured in combat and returned home to work on The Rubicon War project. He believes that if we cease to assert our rights as citizens, we will lose them.